Bares in the Wild: World Naked Hiking Day 2019

The latest edition of the great event in which nudist take to the hills, forest and rivers — World Naked Hiking Day 2019 — takes place on 21 June. Grab some friends and go. Or head out solo. Just enjoy the naked time in sun however you choose the mark the occasion.

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The picture above is of me enjoying some outdoor nude time in the beautiful Andes of central Colombia back in early May 2019. Sure, mosquitoes bit me and some thorns and branches scratched a little. But such minor irritations are more than worth the reward of feeling the wind and sun on my naked ass.

I’m fortunate in that I do not burn easily. But whether you do or not, remember to apply some sunscreen before heading out. And reapply regularly. June 21 is the solstice and the sun will be at its peak in the northern hemisphere. After all, a couple of bug bites are one thing; several sunburn is quite another.

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Let me know who you celebrated World Naked Hiking Day 2019

Live a comment below with suggestions about ways to celebrate or with your anecdotes of the day. Or if you prefer, contact me directly.

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10 thoughts on “Bares in the Wild: World Naked Hiking Day 2019”

  1. Post back as soon as you can and tell me where the nearest spot to Denver Colorado would be to meet for hike naked day.

  2. Thank You so much Kenn! Plan on hiking nude in the wooded area behind my house during the summer solstice! Can’t wait! Cheers!!

  3. Hello Ryan! If I believe there are some groups that free hike the Colorado Rockies. If I lived near there, I’d be right there with ya! Thank You Kenn & Ryan! Nude hugs! Cheers!!

  4. Another sunscreen advertisement? I won’t use the stuff. Been out all day for many days with nothin but shorts on in the last several weeks, (Only because the site is too public) running my sawmill in an open field. About as brown as a bare bear already. Tomorrow is nude hiking day, the saw job is finished, bank account replenished, time for a break, I’m up for a good nude stroll out there and I won’t get a sunburn no matter how long I stay. The under the shorts region is not quite as brown as the rest but I don’t sunburn easy anyway. It’s a bit odd, I must have ancestry I’m not aware of, everything I am aware of comes from mid to northern Europe where people are white and sunburn easy. Probably several American Indians since I have many ancestral lines going back through early American colonial times. I have never sun-burnt bad, just mild when I wait too long in spring to get out and then spend nearly all day in the hot sun suddenly. But I plan to become a naturist farmer instead of a sawmiller, truck driver or any of the other jobs I’ve tried out. Spending lots of time in the sun nude from early spring on. I did manage a decent amount of time this spring so I’m a pretty good shape tanwise. Even in the mid section no tan lines, just a slide fade to lighter color.

    1. Reuben: Working naked on your open field sawmill, might not be such a bad idea. Here on Long Island, New York, out in Southampton. The town has recognized the tradition of a nudist farm family and allow them to work their fields with nary any problems – this post led to nothing. I spoke to them last weekend when it was in the high 90-100 degrees here in NY environs. I have been naked for 12 days and my nudist Dad and I have a small cabin we share, and plan on staying completely naked in and outdoors with clothing for another week. My Dad is a firm believer in Body Freedom and I was raised nudist, and have my nudist Dad to thank for such a loving way of living, for us both it is our ‘passion’. (see article below)

  5. I hear that Reuben! 1/4 Native American, so never had sun burn problems either. Just doused myself with bug repellent for my naked hike here in Indiana. The wooded area adjoins a busy state road, so some drivers may get a bit of “education” on naturism! Ha! Nude hugs to everyone!

  6. Just got back from my naked hike. It was just great in all ways! In 20-30 minutes walking along the road near the wooded area, I received about an 80 percent approval with thumbs up and positive hoots! Most of the good ones were from motorcyclists! Really overwhelmed. Figured there would be all negative reaction. Maybe nudism/naturism is finally being accepted here! Thank You so much Kenn for this website! Hoosier nude hugs & cheers!!

  7. Naked Hiking day is a Red Letter Day for me. I have trails where I can go many miles and nobody I meet will care. Unfortunately, here north of LA, that is a day when it can get 100F on my hiking trails. There is also World Naked Biking Day and downtown LA is usually a bit cooler so that gets my attention instead.

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