World Naked Gardening Day – 6 May 2017

What is World Naked Gardening Day?

Well, it’s pretty much what its name implies. World Naked Gardening Day, or WNDG, is a day to celebrate being nude and tending to nature while bare. It is celebrated on the first Saturday of May each year and this year’s edition is the lucky 13th. The roots of the day go back to an idea sprouted at Nude & Natural Magazine.

The observance is not just limited to tending your own private garden. WNGD is closely aligned to the environmental movement. Activities such as cleaning public green spaces and wildernesses are essential to the ideals of the event. It is also designed to bring attention to permaculture and organic gardening. The theory being that naturism concerns being as much in harmony with the natural world as possible.

There is a community and social aspect to it also. This could mean gathering friends or family and lounging in your yard while nude. Or just daring a nude stroll through a public space. Lightheartedness is the theme of the day as World Naked Gardening Day is not meant to be a day for politics or activism. It’s a chance for us nudist to commune with nature and each other and celebrate our lifestyle collectively.

Nudist Planet World Naked Gardening Day

What if I don’t have a yard/garden?

Don’t let that stop you. Again, plan something for a public space or enjoying whatever outdoor space you can. As you see from the pictures, taking care of potted plants counts too. This is fortunate since many naturist do not have the option of being nude outside privately due to urban living situation, shared accommodation, strict local laws. or cultural prohibitions. There are no strict guidelines other than to make the day fun and celebratory while being bare in the great outdoors. So put on only a smile and head outside.

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