Women in Naturism Weekend

As summer’s sun begins to pierce the gray winter weather in the norther hemisphere and the southern clings to the last days to be outside bare, a special naturism moment arrives. This year, 2 – 4 June is the international Women in Naturism Weekend.

What happens on Women in Naturism Weekend?

Naturists’ clubs and locations throughout the world will be staging events and offering specials to encourage more women to give naturism a try. Events generally span the weekend to promote the idea that naturism is a way of life, and not just a couple hours naked on a beach. Some organizers plan activities for the whole family to show women that nudism is a safe lifestyle. Nudist activities tend to be overwhelmingly male-dominated. So this weekend makes an attempt to call attention to and change this fact.

The picture above is from the American Association for Nude Recreation‘s website. Check it out for a list of some activities happening this weekend. Or likewise, see British Naturism‘s site for things going on in that country.

So women, whether you are a newbie or not, go out and enjoy a nude weekend.

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