What is Nudist Planet all about?

Nudist Planet is one tool in a mission to bring naturism out of the shadows. What does that mean? It means that naturists should be able to freely express and expose ourselves as we see fit, anywhere in the world. Additionally, we need to lead the charge to make body acceptance a universal phenomenon. Let’s celebrate and honor all bodies for the true beauty and wonder that they possess.


Why should you care what I have to say? Allow me to answer that with another question. Why shouldn’t you be interested? I have spent a thrilling and instructive four plus decades exposing myself physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to the world. In this blog, I intended to share some of what I have learned from these experiences and fellow travelers on the road of life.

Topics addressed

Being a gay, black man who has lived in and traveled through many countries I have some specific topics I feel justified to talk about. But Nudist Planet isn’t all about me despite all the pictures of my junk. It’s about general happenings in the naturist world from advocacy, naturist sites and associations, to events and happenings.

I hope you’ll join the community.

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