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Nudist Planet is a celebration of living as nature intended. Read about naturist sites/destinations and inspiring naturists. You’ll find resources and information that are useful to you whether you are a veteran or novice naturist. These include clubs and organizations, naturist events and provocative websites, blogs and personal stories.

Let’s make all the world clothing-optional and nudist-friendly!

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Be Social

Nudity is so much better with company. So get out and get to know other naturists by joining a club or association. Or visit places where you can practice naturism. In the Meeting & Events section, you will find scheduled naturist group activities that are coming up. And you can read about and see photos of some recent events that you can catch the next time they occur. The Clubs/Association page list membership organization which work to promote the naturist lifestyle. And the destinations section has reviews of nudist or clothing-optional sites including beaches, resorts, campground, and wilderness.

Nudist Planet

Get Inspired

Enjoy a good read (warning: biased opinion) from our articles collection about naturism. The Bare Voices feature printed interviews, videos, and podcast of naturists. The Associations & Resources section also provide links to videos, blogs, podcasts, articles, etc from and/or about naturism. And the latest articles link takes you to the blog page of Nudist Planet.

Nudist Planet

Take Action

Nudist Planet Take Action  Now that you are armed with knowledge about naturism, know where to practice it and where to find fellow naturists, use it. Find out more about the Nudist Planet mission. Then put it into action through advocacy to be proactive in advancing the cause of naturism.

And please, join the Nudist Planet community to get email updates of new activity and the monthly newsletter. Thanks in advance.

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Show Your Pride

Nudist Planet ShopThe effort make the world clothing-optional starts with visibility. So show everyone that you are proud to be a naturist. Whether clothed or not. A simple way to do this is by letting the things around demonstrate your interest. Visit the Nudist Planet Shop for nudist pride items including mugs, tote bags, stickers, t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies.

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