The Fear of Getting an Erection in Public: Advice for the would be naturist man

If there is one thing that shows the clear demarcation between sexuality and nudism, it is the place of penile erections in the two situations. While impotence or erectile dysfunction is the most dreaded possibility for men when contemplating sexual relations, its opposite – the public boner – is the loathsome fear that keeps many potential nudists from engaging in the activity. But why should this be?

Don’t fear the public erection

After all, being a naturist is all about being as natural as possible. And erections are a basic part of the natural function of penises. Sometimes we can control when they happen, sometimes the male member truly thinks for itself. And it is this out-of-control, unwanted woody situation that scares many men into a textile only existence. You wonder, “What happens if seeing others naked makes me hard?” The short answer is that you’ll be hard; get over it. The first time you expose yourself before an audience, you are bound to get an erection. It could be due to years of instinctively getting hard at the sight of naked bodies or because of the nervous excitement of the situation. However, that initial moment of arousal and embarrassment fades when you realize nobody really gives a damn. And if someone should stare, feel flattered. They evidently like what they see.

As a rule, western cultures have been bad at celebrating the miracle of erections. (And it truly is miraculous that a bodily organ can so quickly enlarge and constrict, harden and soften). Take a look at the art world, from classical Greek statues to modern mainstream films. When male frontal nudity is shown, the penis is generally depicted flaccid. Conversely, many other civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Indians, have honored the masculine member with figures and festivals. Erection was seen as a gift from the gods, something to be grateful for. Not something to hide under your clothes, hand or whatever is at hand.

You’re hard – so what?

In all honesty, most naturists are rather unfazed by someone’s hard on. As a naturist, you learn quickly that practicing nudity is not about sex for most. On the contrary, in fact. Being among other nudists is often very desexualizing. After you’ve spent a while in a nudist place seeing various naked bodies nonchalantly doing normal and often boring activities like swimming or sunning, genitals are no more stimulating than elbows. They are just one more part of a well-structured whole. Oh, we all enjoy and appreciate a nice body. But the nudist also learns to discard societal norms about what a nice body is. For a devout naturist, a nice body is one attached to a mind that is comfortable and happy in its own skin.

Of course there are the exhibitionists among us. In fact I include myself among this group. Sometimes, it can be exciting to have an audience or just to feel appreciated or desired. Perhaps this is the true fear of those who dare not get naked in public. It could be that of getting an erection and having the sensation that no one is impressed. In our minds, at least – if not in our bedrooms – size matters. When flaccid one can always claim to be a grower. Or blame cold temperatures for shrinkage. Yet when erect, any such pretense of having more than what’s on display are gone. Your true dimensions are there to be observed by anyone who happens to look your way. Is that what holds you back? It shouldn’t.

Size doesn’t matter in naturism

While it’s certainly true that when it comes to penis size not all men are created equally, who really cares? Yes, catching a peek at a big prick can be  pleasurable. And having one can give a certain undeserved sense of pride. But that is all on the surface. What is really most sexy cannot be concealed by clothes. It lies below the skin. Again, it is being comfortable and confident with yourself that is truly appealing. So go ahead and just let it hang out, however far out it hangs.

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