Naturist Resort – The Oriental Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Places to legally practice public nudity are few and far between in Thailand. This is true in general but especially in the north. Having spent nearly a year in Chiang Mai, I was clamoring for an opportunity to strip down in a place that isn’t my own home. I had heard mention of The Oriental Village resort, a naturist in the province, and was curious to check it out for myself. However, the fact that it is more than 30 kilometers from my home and that I am reliant on either taxis or my shitty little bicycle meant it was not really feasible.

A nudist friend enters the scene

Thanks to this blog, or at least the linked Twitter account, I’ve made friends with a local nudist who frequents the resort. He had not been able to convince any of his social circle to try nudism but desired to have company on his visits there. So he invited me along and offered a ride. We enjoyed the day so much that we decided to make it a regular Saturday habit.

The Oriental Village Resort Chiang Mai

The resort is naturist only and consists of 15 or so cottages, a bar/restaurant, a gym and a swimming pool. It sits in a broad valley with an adjacent rice paddy on one side and forest and banana plantation on the others. The vibe is relaxed and friendly. Hanging our around the pool, most guest are eager to chat and share a drink. But of course, there are shady places to escape to for quiet or a nap if you prefer. We have accessed the resort as day visitors only. So I’m not sure how it would be to stay the night there. But the cottage seem modern and well-maintained and public areas are clean and comfortable.

Perhaps the only real downside is the isolation. Dining or other alternatives to the resort’s services are not easily reachable. And The Oriental Village itself can be hard to find as it is tucked away from prying eyes. But it’s well worth a visit if you are in the Chiang Mai area.

7 thoughts on “Naturist Resort – The Oriental Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand”

  1. Hi Kenn, glad to know that you finally have a place in Thailand where you can now be “legally” bare! Hooray! Now you can celebrate in the style we can all appreciate! Thanks for the information on the resort – if I ever make it to Thailand I’ll know where to go! Naked hugs!

    1. It’s nice. A bit too hot lately to enjoy anything other than the pool. But it’s still great to finally have a chance to get naked

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