Where are the nudists? Increasing the visibility of naturists

Nude people are coming out of the woodwork. Or so it has seemed to me over the last couple of months as I have started to blog about nudism. I never knew there were so many out and proud nudists. And it is encouraging to see. But why didn’t I see all these people before? Where is the nudist visibility?

Sure, I have been to nudist and clothing-optional sites such as beaches, campgrounds and resorts usually encountering a significant number of nudists. But where do they disappear to when not in those safe and welcoming environments? How many of us are public nudists? I do not mean to suggest that we should be walking through town in the buff, though that would be fantastic. But does anyone outside of their circle of naturists know that they are nudists? I would argue that we need to work toward much more nudist visibility.

Nudist visibility

I have written before about the need for naturists to mentor those just venturing out of their at-home-nudist lives and out of their clothes. Yet it is perhaps more important to have an easily accessible community of open and out nudists to show those novices the way. This community must be willing to stand up for the newbie and everyone else, to ensure that there are places where naturism is not only permitted but celebrated.

Going bare should not be a political statement, but sadly it often becomes one. Maybe we naturists should act accordingly and seize the momentum to become more outspoken about naturism. Only in becoming more visible, more proactive, will our existence be acknowledged. And that is the first step towards wider acceptance.


It is with sincere and humble gratitude that I acknowledge the new contact I have made with nudists, from other bloggers, to followers of my blog and social media accounts to those who have simply liked, read, shared or commented on my posts and pictures. Discovering that there are so many of use has been heartening and inspiring. I want all naturists to experience this feeling of being part of a community and a network on the move. And I want to take it to the general population.

Let’s all set our sights on someday being able to freely walk down main street sans clothing. And let’s take the actions necessary to bring this eventuality about.

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