It’s Nude Recreation Week – Get Naked, Get Active!

Whatever your nude pleasures entail, this is definitely the week to engage. Nude Recreation Week runs from 10-16 July for 2017. And although it is sometimes called National Nude Recreation Week, it is actually rather international now. Originally merely a weekend-long observance, it is now spread over an entire week. After all, more nude time is always better. The roots of celebration can be traced back to the mid-1970s. It started in the USA as a way to promote nudist beaches and the age-old practice of skinny-dipping. Interestingly, nudist or clothing-optional beaches were then referred to as “free beaches”. (You can read the history of the event on the Naturist Society’s webpage).

How to observe Nude Recreation Week

The event is meant to encourage bare outdoor activities. Have a naked swim. Or do some nude gardening. Maybe organize a naked volleyball game. Anything goes. Except clothes. Many naturist associations and clubs will stage group activities during the week. Or especially on Friday, 14 July which is National Nude Day. This too is international, however.

The American Association for Nude Recreation’s member organizations are throwing nude street parties throughout the North America to honor the week. It’s not too late to join in on this fun.

However you choose to spend the week. Enjoy and be safe. And check out other naturist events happening in the month of July.


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