Should you join a naturist club or association? Pros and cons

Should you join a naturist club or association if you are a practicing nudist? Well, it depends. Joining such organizations offers several advantages. But of course there are some drawbacks as should be expected.

Naturist club pros

The pros include discounts for events and travel, combining various passions, discovering new ones and of course, meeting like-minded people.

Affiliating with a group allows you the chance to combine nudity with other activities such as volleyball — the seemingly ubiquitous favorite activity of naturist clubs, — group skinny dipping, snorkeling, table tennis, diving, potlucks, running, etc. The list is as long as your imagination really. And of course, you could even find you enjoy a sport or other pastime that you never knew you would like.

Membership in a club is also a good way to engage in general nudist events with the support of others. We all know that it is generally much easier and more exciting to approach events such as the World Naked Bike Ride or Nude Recreation Week with friends. Clubs provide this support along with camaraderie.

Joining International Naturist Federation (INF) affiliated groups means that you will receive discounts when visiting INF affiliated sites such as resorts and clubs. And you can take comfort in the fact that your financial contribution goes to an organization that is working to advance the naturist movement.

But the best reason for joining a club is to meet people and make friends. And in choosing a naturist association, you ensure that your new friends share a passion for your nudist lifestyle. It may also provide an opportunity for professional networking.

Naturist club cons

Nudist Planet Naturist Club or Association

Of course it is not all sunshine and beaches when you join a club. There is a downside as well. The biggest may be that such groups may have outlived their useful as naturism becomes more accepted in society at large. There are beaches, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, etc. where nudity is allowed and you can of course meet people in these places. Moreover, social media groups may have replaced a lot of the benefit to joining a club. And this without the membership fees. Or you may be fortunate enough to already have friends or family members who are bare practitioners and so have an automatic association.

History of clubs

Despite the fact that clubs are being displaced and disappearing, they was a time when they provided the only opportunities for public/social nudity.

In 1891, the first know naturist club, The Fellowship of the Naked Trust, appeared in Thana, India. Charles Edward Gordon Crawford, its founder was a British living in the country. The club numbered three members, all men and last less than a year before it disbanded.

The early 1900’s brought more advancement in the movement. Paul Zimmerman, inspired by¬†Heinrich Pudor’s The Cult of the Nude, opened a nudist resort in northern Germany. And soon after the English Gymnosophist Society formed. From this point, clubs and associations began to spread to various countries. Although we still have a lot of work to do, we have come a long way. The current and future efforts to advance naturism even further can be strength be joining with others fighting for the cause.

Ready to join?

If you would like more information about clubs and/or associations, start here.

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