Naturism improves with company

Being a naturist in a conservative Southeast Asian country can be an extremely solitary and unfulfilling existence. For this reason the best of the many wonderful treats and surprises I have encountered since starting this blog, has been the connections and acquaintances I have made with other naturists. Although I am still severely restricted in the ability to be unclothed outside of the confines of my own house, I do not feel so alone any more. Many of you have embraced me and my mission to make the world more nude-tolerant.  Thanks to this naturist community, I have made genuine friendships.

New friends

One such new friend is Roger who blogs at ReNude Pride. He recently featured me as the first interviewee in a new series of monthly profiles of naturist bloggers that he publishes. He produces fantastic, witty and informative posts which have been instructive for me. Head over to his website and take a good long, slow look around.

I also want to acknowledge Joey, who seems to be everywhere. He is quiet active on Twitter and manages a couple of Google+ groups of interest to this community: Gay Black Men and Gay Nudists and Naturists. Joey is someone I have known personally for decades, but we had lost touch. Becoming a part of the digital nudist community allowed us to reconnect. The first to like, repost, +1 and comment on my posts, he is my chief supporter.

Readers & followers

Additionally, the following comment was left on my last editorial post. It was great of Paul of Skinnydipper Recreation to take the time, not only to read the post, but to leave this thought-provoking comment to further the discussion. And it reminded me that as naturists, we are truly one community despite any differences.

In my opinion, as a straight, white nudist, we (nudists) are stuck about 30 years behind the gay community and even more so the black community. An unfortunate percentage of nudists fear discrimination should their participation become known. Sadly, for too many people, that fear may not be misplaced. The problem, however, is that the more nudists stay ‘in the closet’, the weaker we are as a community. Black and gay people should be our inspiration. Those of us who are public about our love of nude recreation should be at the forefront of our fight to end the social stigma that keeps our friends ‘in the closet’.
Hopefully my comment will kick of some valuable discussion.


And of course there is Brian of Gay Naturists International‘s BuffBuzz newsletter who has so generously published two of my articles. Thank you for giving my sometimes cracking voice greater range.

Being an at-home, and alone nudist is nice. But sharing this passion, this pursuit with others surpasses it greatly, The above are only a few examples of the hundreds of people who have appeared in my life. I value each of you. Thank you all for being a part of my — and our — community.

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  1. Looking good, Kenn! Have you already transitioned here from Gay Black Nudist or will both be operable for awhile? Thanks for mentioning me and for your kind words. Much love and many naked hugs!

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