International Naked Hiking Day 2017

Yet another day to celebrate being bare has come to light. Wednesday, 21 June 2017 is world Naked Hiking Day. The reason for the date is the summer solstice which happens on 21 June in the northern hemisphere. However, some organizations will observe the event during the preceding weekend when participants have more time to hike.

Nudist Planet World Naked Hiking DayPitfalls of hiking nude

Bare in mind that hiking without any protection from the elements can be hazards. It is very easy to get cuts from low-growing plants like briers and thorny shrubs. And of course being naked exposes more skin area to insect bites and stings. Take precaution by hiking along wide or clear paths, Also, carry a stick to push limbs and branches back. Keep your eye on the trail and also apply sunscreen and insect repellent liberally. Walking in the elements nude can be great fun. But having to tend to annoying injuries or sunburn will put a damper on it quickly.

A bigger danger may be the fact that in most of the world, nude hiking is illegal. Be aware of the laws in your area. And should you decide to risk it, make sure you are in an isolated area or at least in one populate with like minded souls. Of course, isolating yourself far from civilization presents its own problems. Especially if you should have and accident or get lost. So balance the hazards and be smart.

How to join Naked Hiking Day

There are organizations and clubs which organize group hikes to celebrate the day. Look into joining one of these. Or simply head out on your own or with friends/family. What’s important is to mark your connection to the Earth by basking in nature while being as natural — nude — as possible.

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