Happy Mothers’ Day to All US Moms

Today, 14 May 2017 is Mothers’ Day in the USA. And I want to extend my heartfelt wishes for a wonderful day to all mothers there.

Mothers’ Day every day

Having lived in different countries which each has set aside different days to honor mothers, I have gotten into the habit of overlooking the importance of the day in any particular country. For me, we should celebrate mothers and fathers every day for the tireless and sometimes thankless work we do. But I’ve come to realize that it is necessary to reserve a day to honor this effort.

In the past, Mothers’ Day for me, meant calling my mom — a normal Sunday practice anyway — to wish her well and to make sure she had received whatever gift I had sent. Now that she is no long among us, I cherish the memories of the sound of excitement in her voice when she would recount her special day’s events. Though she was aware on every level of her being how esteemed she was by my siblings and me, she appreciated this opportunity to have those sentiments voiced and demonstrated.

As a parent myself, I can now fully understand the meaning of such days. In fact my son, who lives in Spain, made a point a week ago — Mothers’ Day there — to honor me as both mother and father since I am the only parent he has known. Hearing out loud the appreciation that I know he feels for me always touches something deep within me.

Nudism starts at home

My mother would never have described herself as a nudist. But I do vividly recall many occasions when she was topless at home. Although, I don’t have memories of her being so around anyone but me. Maybe my siblings remember otherwise. But at any rate, it was probably her comfort and nonchalance about her partial exposure that paved the way for my naturism. When you have role models who are comfortable being nude and don’t make a fuss about it, you learn rightly that nudity is no big deal. I never shared my thoughts or memories about this with my mother but she knew that I am a nudist and never seemed to be fazed by the fact.

My mother

My mother — Lola — was my friend, hero and confidant. I miss her. But it comforts me to know that she knew how I loved and admired her. And that once a year, I took a special opportunity to say what I hope my actions showed each day. Mama I love you. Thank you.

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