Is manscaping contra to naturism?

Being a naturist means wanting to be as natural as possible, hence the nudity. So do manscaping nudists — or womanscaping ones for that matter — fly in the face of this creed?

What is manscaping

Manscaping: to groom a man. Shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur.
It is trimming body hair especially in the groin or buttocks areas. And it is something I do. Regularly. For me it is not about appearance or body image. I do it based on comfort. I live currently — and have lived for many years — in a hot climate. And fur — human or otherwise — is hot. Having sweaty testicles may sometimes be sexy, but rarely is it comfortable.

With a little help

The biggest issue for me is the practically of actually manscaping. Razors are sharp and having one so close to very treasured property is disconcerting at best. Even electric body shavers have their downsides such as not being very travel-friendly. I’m fortunate that my spouse is always willing to pitch in. Generally, I can just lie back and let the trimming unfold.

Your voices

When I originally posed this question in a poll, the general feedback was that naturism and manscaping are perfectly compatible. Some of the comments that were made follow:

  • Each of their own. =) I used to shaved my pubic hair some years ago and it IS ok. I rather have go natural because it feels right to be seen a real man (and a real woman too) who have real pubic hair. That’s my opinion. =)
  • Both my husband and I agrees that natural is best, neither of us shave (or alter) any of our body below the neck. That’s just our preference. When I was still dating, I never dated a man who shaved (trimmed, removed) and of his body hair nor did my husband. Everyone is free to decide what works for themselves.
  • I think being shaved makes me feel totally nude no hair to hide any of my body.
  • About 2 years ago, I decided to go completely shaven. My partner says it turns her on, so I aim to please. And I haven’t had to scratch my junk and that’s a good thing.
  • Looks, comfort it’s all there. Personally, I find it uncomfortable as hell grabbing my patch of pubic hair because, I have to piss. I’ve also found that most men prefer it shaved.

Weigh in

So what do you think? Are you a naturist and if so, do you manscape/womanscape?
Please, leave a comment in the discussion section below and let me know.

4 thoughts on “Is manscaping contra to naturism?”

  1. I definitely manscape. A mans body cannot be covered by neither the clothes or the hair. I want to see the skin. The shape. The real deal. Hair only gets in the way. After all, you don’t hide a Picasso behind the bushes, you show it off.

  2. I manscape but for me it’s more a matter of hygiene than style. I find that keeping the pubes trimmed reducing the sweat and irritation and, on those really hot days, the “odeur de crotch”. It just feels better too but I don’t go to close shaves – mostly just a close trim using my Phillips groomer. Works well.

  3. I love the manscaping style. I’ve been doing it for years now. I trim my arms chest and leg hair short and use a body shaver on the rest of my body. I use a razor below leaving just a patch of hair above for my pubes. It is so much more comfortable in the heat and yes my wife loves it.

  4. I’m in my early sixties and have been manscaping for only the past 10 years. Wish I started earlier. I find it more comfortable and will go from leaving a closely-trimmed patch to completely shaven, depending on the mood and climate.

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