Are Nudist Allowed to Have Fun?

In order to advance the naturists movement, it is necessary to help overcome society’s skewed views of nudity. But does that mean that nudist must always be serious and publicity ready? Can we have fun, let our hair down and just be human while being nude without tainting the whole movement?

Bad to have fun?

I ask this question because of comments made on a recent Nudist Planet Instagram post. This is the photo which apparently reflects badly on us nudists.

A guy looking like he’s drunk makes a negative point between Naturism and Nudism. I ask you, what good do you expect to come for nudism from this kind of pics? Even Naturism’s image gets a negative impact from such a pic. Undeserving! I see no problem with you drinking naked with your friends. I just consider a negative idea to use such a pic as testimony of nudism and/or Naturism @pedromldo

My response:

I post these pictures because I want to show that naturists are just normal people who come in all forms. Some of us drink and party. Some hike naked, or only sleep nude. Or whatever. I want the full spectrum of who we are, not just a sanitized version to please non-nudist. That anyone from any walk of life can be a nudist is the best testimony we can give.


While I do appreciate @pedromldo’s sentiments and agree to some extent, being an ambassador for naturism doesn’t have to mean being perfect. Sure we want to challenge misconceptions of naturism and an effort to increase acceptance. But we can do so by growing our numbers too. And how do we attract more bare practitioners if we present a life of rigidity and stuffiness? Naturism is meant to be freeing. This includes our minds, attitudes, lifestyles and activities as well as our bodies.

Feel the love

Not all the comments were negative. In fact the picture was liked more than the average number of times for photos on the page.

I appreciate the beauty. It’s a shame not everyone does and admiring the beauty is limited. @brennenjacobs.

My conclusion, nudists go have fun. Enjoy the lifestyle and all the freedoms it entails.

5 thoughts on “Are Nudist Allowed to Have Fun?”

  1. I appreciate the predicament that you were in, Kenn. Too often, when our lives come under public scrutiny, everything that we do, regardless of the reason, is judged as a political statement for our entire community. I think that your response to the criticism was very appropriate and mild. Thank you for reminding all of us that we are all basically human. Much love and many naked hugs!

  2. Of course can we nudist have fun! What would life be if we couldn’t? And why must nudists appear so serious every time and If that’s the case I think it will remain a “club” for elderly bored-out people.

  3. I fail to see what this picture has anything to do about being a nudist… It just looks like a guy having a good time in a hot tub. A few years ago, I hosted a New Years Eve party for my mostly straight friends, a few wives blah, blah – which are also non-nudist – Keeping in mind that I live in the city/ no privacy whatsoever. It was well after the ball dropped, most of us were hammered! Somehow a dare or, something another happened and myself along with 2 of my buddies wound up running naked through the neighborhood and then back in the house. Good times!

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