Gay Naked Destinations — the new global resource for gay naturists

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As a gay man and a naturist who loves to travel — and I know there are thousands of other naturist men in the world who enjoy the same — I thought it was about time there was one resource available that gay naturist men could refer to find clothing-optional accommodations — of all types –, naturist beaches, men’s nude groups, men’s nude sailing cruises, annual nude events, and gay venues/clubs where men can be naked.

Many years ago there was a printed book called “The Worldwide Guide to Naked Places” and that was a good resource at the time, but sadly it is now out of production and the publication company is now defunct. The other problem with that book is it wasn’t attractive in it’s presentation, most listings not having any photographs.

Nudist Planet - Gay Naked Destinations

As a graphic designer of some 22 years I thought I’d use the free time I have from running my clothing-optional B&B  in New Zealand ( and start putting together the Gay Naked Destinations series of e-books. I have spent literally hundreds of hours of research trying to find as many naked places for men as I could. As there is over 600 pages of information, I had to split this up into 5 individual e-books so the file size and document size wouldn’t be an issue. Finding a logical way of dividing the globe into 5 areas, I came up with: Northern Europe plus UK & Ireland, Southern Europe plus Israel, USA, Canada plus Latin America and Asia/Pacific plus South Africa.

I’m sure there are many naturists out there asking the question “why just focus on a document for gay naturists, why not be inclusive?”, well, my answer is that there are any number of global resources and printed naturist magazines available to find the “family-friendly” type of naturist resorts or camps, but not a lot available specifically for gay men some of whom feel uncomfortable attending these mixed-sex type of places. That is why these e-books are targeted solely at the gay naturist traveler.

For some of the countries I have listed I could not find any clothing optional accommodations specifically for men, however I did list other places where men could be naked, and this includes gay venues like saunas. Again, some hard core naturists may ask the question “what has gay sex-on-site venues got to do with naturism?”, well my answer to that is that the books are called Gay Naked Destinations, not Gay Naturist Destinations. By using the word ‘naked’ rather than ‘naturist’ I can cover many other aspects of nudity, not just nudist beaches or clothing-optional accommodations.

Nudist Planet - Gay Naked Destinations

I’ve been a naturist for some 30 years and enjoy living a naturist lifestyle, but when I go on holiday — as well as seeking out clothing-optional places to stay and finding nudist beaches —  I also like to visit gay saunas to have some nude time, and yes, some fun too!  For gay men, a sauna is just another place where one can enjoy a few hours with no clothes, especially important when a sauna might be the only place in a big city to get naked. Like any naturist, I understand there is a difference between true naturism and sex, but in the concept of these targeted-audience books, I think it’s OK to combine the two.

With nudist beaches, I’ve tried to include the best, most notable nude beaches in each country. Where possible, I’ve included beaches well-known as being “gay beaches” or given instructions on where the “gay end” of the beach is.

Being e-books means these documents can change and grow as new information comes to hand, unlike a printed book that quickly becomes out of date. I also welcome any male naturist-related businesses (e.g., B&B, resort, campground, sauna, club, group, event) who would like to be included in my e-books to contact me for inclusion — if I have missed anything. If anyone purchases my e-books and finds there are places that I have overlooked, please contact me and let me know about them, ideally with a photo and some descriptive text. The contact form you’ll find on the website.

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