Nudity and Cold Weather: Can they ever get along?

The artist Takeshi Obata is credited with having said, “There are no nudists in cold places.” He does have a point. In fact, the only good reasons I can really give for wearing clothing are 1) because the damn law makes us and 2) for protection from the elements. These include high intensity direct sunlight, swirling sands and of course cold temperatures. And as a naturally cold-natured being, the latter is an absolute killer for me. So I, like many nudists, wear clothes in winter. And if chosen correctly, clothes do and excellent job of it. In fact, even in nudist locations, you can find people sporting upper body coverings like shirts, hats or scarves to protect against a slight chill. For we nudists know that heat is conserved best by covering the head and torso, not the groin and limbs. At least we tell ourselves this as we cling to whatever vestiges of nudity that we can. But there are cold weather nudists. How do they manage?

Some manage it

Still, I would modify Obata’s claim to say that there are few nudists in such places. Of course, we have all seen pictures, heard tales or experienced first hand the pleasure of sitting in a hot tube naked surrounded by snow. This situation does seem alluring. And yes, there are the naked Polar Bear Clubs and Polar Bear Plunges. Those guys are just superhuman in my opinion. Still others relish engaging in nudist activities in the snow. Evidently the adjective to describe being naked in the snow is s’naked. – Thanks Roger of ReNude Pride for that tidbit. – Perhaps I would just call it insane.

I have never been on extremely intimate terms with snow. Sure, as a kid I reveled in the occasional snow day from school and enjoyed building snowmen and having snowball fights. What kid doesn’t love those things? They even made a movie called Snow Day about it. But even then, I made sure to bundle up as much as possible and spent little time in the frigid powder before making my way back to the safe warm cave of the house. And so, I have a special kind of esteem for those who not only bear the snow bare but do so with glee.

Not for me

Moreover, I have so far managed to avoid frost bite. I wish for this lucky trend to continue. But if it should not for some as of yet unimaginable reason, I would hope to be bitten somewhere other than my dick. While the thought of teasing it with an ice-cube might be erotic, a penis popsicle most definitely does not hold any attraction.

And so, I am a naturist who hibernates inside garments in winter. Yes, in those moments I am still very much a naturist. In or out of a shell, an egg is an egg. Naturism arises from the heart and mind, not from disrobed asses and genitals. Being nude is merely the outward expression of an inner identity. Nudism is an attitude and a way of life.

As for my part, I have chosen to live in Thailand where cold means 20ºC. Yet on those rare occasions where I find myself in colder climes, I simply take to indoor nude activities. Take that Takeshi. Naked house party in Norway anyone?

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