Best Nudist Destinations in Central America and the Caribbean

For some people, there’s nothing nicer than enjoying nature in its purest form: that is, naked. Exploring the elements as they were originally explored can be an incredibly liberating experience. Luckily, nudist destinations have been sprouting up all around Central America and the Caribbean. While some options include plush resorts with all-inclusive packages, there are plenty of good ol’ fashioned nudist beaches that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a clothing-optional getaway and aren’t interested in flying across the Atlantic, here are the best of Central American nudist destinations including the Caribbean.

Hotel Copacabana, Costa Rica

Nudist Planet - Central Amerian Nudist Destinations - Hotel Copacabana

Hotel Copacabana in Costa Rica is the only nudist beachfront resort in all of Costa Rica. Located on the shores of Jaco in the country’s central Pacific region, Copacabana can be both a party spot or a place to relax, depending on the season. Known for its live music, karaoke, DJ sets, and themed parties, the resort is an excellent place to let loose in all senses. The staff is known to be extremely courteous and accommodating which makes Copacabana Costa Rica’s top spot for a nudist vacation.

Caliente Caribe Resort & Spa, Dominican Republic

Nudist Planet - Central Amerian Nudist Destinations - Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic

If you don’t want to worry about budgeting on your vacation, Caliente Caribe in the D.R. is your best option for an all-inclusive resort. All meals and drinks are part of the package, so feel free to leave your wallet and your clothes back in your room. Caliente boasts all of the usual amenities at a resort, including spas, massages, and beachside service, but also a wide variety of activities including beach volleyball, water aerobics, and a fitness center.

Booby Cay, Jamaica

Nudist Planet - Central Amerian Nudist Destinations - Bobby Cay, Jamaica

Although named after the booby bird that returns each year to breed and lay eggs, this resort is aptly named for nudist purposes. Booby Cay is one of Jamaica’s few remaining no-frills nudist beaches. With Jamaica being taken over by resorts in recent years, this option is best for budget-consciousness travelers looking to bare all. Take a day trip over to Booby Cay and spend your time sprawled on the sand or snorkeling in turquoise waters with vibrant marine life. For more information on some Jamaica’s best nudist resorts, check out AllTheRooms’ list of
the country’s top 5 nudist resorts.

Zipolite, Mexico

Zipolite is Mexico’s nudist destination that caters towards more free-spirited travelers. Located down the coast from Puerto Escondido in Mexico’s southern region, Zipolite boasts a collection of cabanas, palapas, aging hippies and dilapidated artisan storefronts. It hasn’t quite yet been hijacked by golf course developers and Señor Frogs, so it may be the most authentic choice on our list. If you’re not looking to rage while in the nude, Zipolite is for you. If you’re curious about exploring in the buff in Central America, learn more about Mexico’s nudist resorts.

Pointe Tarare, Guadeloupe

Nudist Planet - Central Amerian Nudist Destinations - Point Tarare, Guadalupe

This French colony in the Caribbean essentially brings France west of the Atlantic. Nude beaches, bright sunshine, and easygoing, laissez-faire attitudes are the way of life here. The nude beach on the eastern end of Grand Terre is a great destination but the island itself is brimming with an interesting French-Caribbean-Afro fusion culture. It’s less built-up than it’s French Caribbean cousins, St. Martin and Martinique, and it’s also more affordable.

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If you’re looking for more information on nudist destinations around the world, visit AllTheRooms to help make the most of your scantily clad getaways. Happy travels!


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  1. You can add the beach of the small Salines and cove Meunier in Martinique. I went there regularly….Sincerely,
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  2. Thanks, Ken! I work for an airline, so travel comes easy for me. And as an avid nudist, it will be nice to pocket these Naturist destinations for future vacation time when I’m traveling for pleasure opposed for work. Thanks, again!

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