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We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…”

–César Chavez

Naturists come in all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, ethnicities and languages — though for the time being we’ll stick to English here.. The Bare Voices series honors this through first person stories of naturists from all over the world sharing their own stories. And we celebrate the unity which will take the cause of naturism to wider acceptance.

In this third installment of Nudist Planet’s Bare Voices Trey from the USA tells his story.

Bare Voices Trey

I reside in Atlanta, Georgia and I was born and raised in Georgia. In regards to public nudity in Georgia, unfortunately it’s not allowed. I adjusted to the attitudes by staying nude at home or with friends. There needs to be public nudity laws enforced in all states in my opinion.

The first time I practiced social nudity was in high school. I was 18 and hanging with some friends at their local lake cabin one weekend. They said they wanted to go skinny dipping and that’s when I started to get so nervous. I was very body conscious growing up and didn’t like the way my body looked. Once everyone got naked and into the water, I started to drop my clothes piece by piece. Once I was naked, I didn’t want to put on clothes ever again! The feeling of being naked and outdoors was amazing. After that experience I decided to become a nudist.

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Trey USASince becoming a nudist, the way I see myself completely changed. I no longer worry about being body conscious. The older I have gotten, the more I love my body. It may not be the perfect body, but it’s mine.Seeing my friends’ bodies and how they look helped me be happy with mine and accept my body the way it is. Always have a love for your body no matter what size you are!

After that, the next person who I saw nude was my college roommate. – You would think it would’ve been one of my parents, but they were prudes. – He was getting out of the shower as I was walking in to take mine. When we saw each other, we started laughing I guess from shock and embarrassment. After that we started talking about nudism and eventually started hanging out naked together in our dorm room.

I did not grow up in a nudist environment. It’s ssuch a shame I was taught at a young age to cover up and not walk around naked and free. My parents didn’t want anything to do with the nudist lifestyle and made sure I stayed away from it growing up. When I start my own family, I will raise them in a nudist environment. Learning to accept and embrace the bodies that they have. My circle of family knows I’m a nudist and they are totally against the idea. They have sexualized and demeaned it, telling me that I was perverted and nasty. They have the idea of nudism totally backwards. Some have even stopped speaking to me since I told them I was a nudist. Fortunately, since telling my friends that I’m a nudist they have accepted me for who I am. They love making me the naked party guy at their parties. They couldn’t be happier for me which I love.

My colleagues don’t understand it and like my family members have called me all kinds of names. That’s not going to stop me. I will continue to be the carefree, free-spirit naked guy I know how to be!

However, I do live with two non-nudists, and this has put a strain of our friendship. I love to go about my time while living with them as nude as possible. They make mean comments regarding my body and how it’s so wrong of me to walk around naked. I have repeatedly spoken to them about the nudist lifestyle and how great it is. They don’t want to hear any of it. I still go about my day while living with them as nude as possible. Their thoughts won’t make cover up one bit.

Regarding terminology, I like to refer to myself as a nudist. I love the nudist lifestyle and everything it has to offer. More people should embrace their bodies and live a nudist lifestyle.

The benefits and advantages of being a nudist are getting to meet so many amazing nude people! I love meeting and interacting with people, if we meet naked even better! I’ve made so many great friendships while being a nudist. I’m lucky to have these new-found friends who I love and will always be there for. I believe everyone should have at least one nudist friend, he/she will change your life for the good! Unfortunately I am not a member of any nudist groups. I would love to join AANR and my local nudist group one day soon.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do nude. I would do everything I normally do in clothes just nude and wouldn’t change my daily routine at all. I would be sure to bring a towel and change of clothes just in case some authorities are around. Also, when it’s cold, I like to cover up with a blanket and a nice fire on the fireplace. When there is someone at the door that I know, I don’t cover up. If it’s unexpected company, I throw on my robe and answer the door.

I have a few funny stories about being locked out of my house naked. Once, I was returning home from a trip, showered and went to read on my deck. I went to go grab a drink from the kitchen and realized I was locked outside totally naked! Neighbors passing by were waving and laughing. I eventually had to walk to a neighbor’s house to tell them I had been locked out. Talk about being shocked and mouths dropping to the floor!

The changes I would like to see in the world of naturism is to be more accepting of a person’s lifestyle decision. You may not agree with their lifestyle decision, but learn to accept the person for who he/she is.

The changes I would like to see in the world of nudism is not to judge a book by its cover. Just because someone loves being naked, doesn’t mean that he/she is a horrible person. Start having an open dialogue and open your mind to new thoughts and ideas. Public nudity laws need to change drastically. Nudists are only allowed at beaches, resorts , and camping sites. Nudists need more areas to be naked and free!

If I could hang out with anyone nude it would have to be Heinrich Pudor. He wrote several books about nudism and its start in Germany. I would like to get to know what his thoughts were about starting nudism so early in time. We would go relax on a nude beach. And if I could be nude anywhere anyplace in the world, I would choose to be nude in Spain. I’ve always been fascinated with Spanish people and their beautiful culture. Learning about the nudist lifestyle from their perspective would be amazing to learn and witness.

The advice I would give someone who hasn’t tried social nudity is take it one step at a time. Ease your way into it. No one gave me any advice when it came to social nudity. I just took my time and got naked when I felt it was the right time to do so.

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Errol Trinidad

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  1. Hey Nudist bro Trey: I really enjoyed reading your living naked as a naked nudist. Nothing feels better than to be free of all our clothing. I can tell we have the same ‘passion’ to live as naked as we possibly can. It’s like some form of dope. Once you go naked in and outdoors there is no going back. If your interested we could chat about our naked cravings. I would enjoy having you as a nudist friend. Let’s chat naked soon. Keep it naked Trey and get some nudist roommates – for your own benefit. Would be happy to have you join my nudist family, I live with my nudist Dad, and we lived naked together 24/7. Naked Johnny

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