Bare Voices: Naturist Stories in First Person — Rocky from the USA

When I was growing up, in our house nudity was defined as the period of time between the shower and your towel.Amy Cohen

In this installment of Nudist Planet’s Bare Voices Rocky from the United States tells his story.

Bare Voices Rocky USA

I currently live in Orlando, Florida and grew up in a small rural area about 50 miles away called Webster FL. The attitudes varied as it was a very rural farming area. At times it was nothing to see the farm hands change right out in the open or work with almost nothing on. But then again, if someone was to hang out totally nude, it would be a big issue. For me the attitudes made me more shy and reserved, because growing up our household was the same.

I did not grow up in a nudist household. We didn’t even walk around in our underwear. The actual first time I would consider that I practiced nudity was when I was in high school. Two friends and I decided to have a camping night out in the orange groves about two miles from where we lived. We stayed nude the whole night while camping and it was the very first time I really noticed being nude and how wonderful it was. Also enjoyed the complete freedom of being around others nude.

Becoming a nudist

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Rocky USAActually, the first person I ever saw nude was my step-father. He had gotten out of the shower and I didn’t know he was still drying off. I opened the bathroom door and saw him. Being shy and didn’t really know how to react, because we had always been taught that being nude was bad. I have children and yes I raise them in a nudist environment today.

Most members of my circles do know that I’m a nudist. I do not keep it a secret, but I am more free with the information with some friends than others. Most know because of Facebook or when they come over they know in advance that our household is clothing-optional. We don’t really talk about it much. My sister’s first reaction was like, “That’s gross. Put some clothes on”. I believe that is because she has some body issues herself.

Most of my friends come by anyway still. One neighbor for the past 15 years moved, but he still comes by just to be nude and visit. Yes I do feel its important today to share who I am and be honest. If it’s not acceptable to others then that’s best to know up front. My ex-wife was a non-nudist. That situation was stressful! Actually at the time, many years ago, I just lived with it. Then we divorced, and I turned over a new leaf of not hiding behind things and being true to myself.

I usually use the term nudist. Maybe because it’s an age thing or that itself explains for me the whole concept of no clothes. I would say the benefit of being nude for me is the feeling of being one with the Earth /Universe as was intended. As we are born into the world nude, for me that’s how we should be all the time except for protection from the elements, etc. I feel better about myself as a nudist. I am true to myself and others: no secrets and that in itself for me is freeing. As a result of being a nudist, I see myself as a more accepting person of myself and others. Because when we are nude that is our real self as we are, as we are created.

Social nudity

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Rocky USA

I was a member of AANR but haven’t renewed my membership yet this time around. Also there’s another small group that I belong to. We go nude bowling about every 6 to 8 months. Nude is good anywhere and anytime. Home is for sure a place to be nude. Also with friends, at the beach, parties, bowling, body painting, and just anywhere whenever possible. I don’t think there is anything I would never consider doing nude. I always go nude if the conditions are right. Although, I wouldn’t go to the grocery store and shop nude unless it was allowed.

I hang out nude at home with my partner of 18 years. He is my first choice of person to be nude with because he is the best human being I have ever met. Sometimes I cover up to answer the door. With some friends it’s OK. The Fedex and UPS drivers are OK with nudity. Some neighbors and family don’t mind. It just depends who is at the door since we live in a community that is a non-nudist environment. When it is cold, usually we turn up the heat but if we go outside then we dress accordingly. For outside nudity, as to a place I usually go the beach.

Where’s naturism headed

Changes that I would like to see in the world would be total acceptance of naturism. I would imagine a world where we could walk and do freely whatever we need to do such as mowing the lawn, walking around the community, shopping etc. without clothes anywhere not just in a nudist resort. I don’t see that happening in my lifetime. In the nudist world, I world like to see no discrimination as to male-to-female ratios. My advice to someone who has never tried social nudity is just do it. Take that step and do it. Social nudity is a great way to connect with others. And as humans, we need that connection in my opinion. No one ever gave me any advice about nudity.

Funny nudist stories

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Rocky USA

When I first met my partner, I invited him over to visit. At the time, I rented a small duplex from a nudist and the whole little complex was clothing-optional. So I invited my now partner over one evening. It was just a get-together to hang out and not a date or anything like that. Mostly I wanted to see how he would react to the nudist part. At the time I had my best friend come over too to visit and we were all nude when my now partner arrived. I figured he would either run or embrace it. I opened the door and invited him in and he came right in and stripped too. Prefect. That was just the beginning of 18 years together.

Another time a neighbor came over to borrow some yard equipment. Everyone knows that if you go into the fenced area, then most likely I will be nude if I am home. So the neighbor opens the fence and comes around back. I was gardening and nude of course. This is a neighbor who I had no clues or indication that he was interested in nudity. He comes around, sees me and totally strips and stays for a while. He had a beer and just enjoyed being there he said. So of course every chance he had, he came by to hang out and at times help with the gardening. This was all non-sexual nudity.

And yet another nudist friend came by to visit and he walked from the street where he parked his car to the house. — It is very open and public in front of the house. — He walked about 50 feet to the front door and was standing there with nothing on and the neighbor lady calls me to tell me there is a naked man at my front door. So I go and open the front door and he is there just standing. I thought the neighbor lady would have called the cops but she didn’t.

When I look for repairmen or vendors to do work such as AC, plumbing, etc., I tell them up front. Several years past, the cable guy who knew when I had him scheduled, arrived and I answered the door. He ran away so fast I didn’t even get to see the tail lights.

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Michael Philippines

Tell your story

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