Bare Voices: Naturist Stories in First Person — Michalis from Greece

Love your body and get naked everywhere”

In this installment of Nudist Planet’s Bare Voices Michalis from Greece tells his story.

Bare Voices Michalis Greece

Nudist Planet - Bare Voices Michalis Greece

I live in Greece. People here are very conservative about nudism and public nudity, although the ancient Greeks loved the naked body. This conservatism made me exactly the opposite. I am a nudist and I try to be naked almost always and everywhere. I like being nude at home, the beach, nudist resorts, and sometimes public transportation. Normally, I refer to myself as urban nudist.

Many times, I choose to be naked even in public streets. The only thing I wouldn’t consider doing nude is maybe cooking. It is not very safe for the body. If it were allowed, I would go to a restaurant naked or a bar. In the real world, I go to the beach and sometimes at gay bars. Of course, if it’s cold, I turn up the heat. I try to avoid wearing clothes. But I cover up when necessary like when answering the door. I don’t want to make others feel awkward.

Getting started

Nudist Planet - Bare Voices Michalis Greece

The first time I was socially naked was at the age of 14. I was in a textile beach near my city, and I decided to go for a walk. After some hundred meters, I noticed many people were without swimsuits and I decided to try it. The feeling was so great and liberating. So I decided to stop wearing a swimsuit forever. The first people who saw me nude were some friends of mine at the beach. There was no reaction, as some of them were also naked. I started nudism alone without being advised or motivated by anyone else. What I advise, is that everyone should try it at least once in their life.

Being out

Nudist Planet - Bare Voices Michalis Greece

Most of the people in my life know that I am nudist. They have heard about it, because my naked walks are very famous in Greece, and my videos have been presented even on the news on Greek TV. It is important to promote it, because it is the most important feature of my personality. Unfortunately my family members are not nudists. I am the only nudist. If I had children I would encourage them to love their body, to be self-confident and of course to be nudists. But, I mostly prefer to live alone, so that I can always be naked. Also, I am not a member of any naturist clubs or associations for the time being.

Why I’m a nudist

Nudist Planet - Bare Voices Michalis Greece

The best part of being a nudist is the freedom, body-acceptance and self-confidence. And getting closer to nature. Besides, most naturists are peaceful and more charming people, so it’s easier to communicate with them. I’d like non-sexual naturism to be legalized everywhere. I’d like to be able to be naked in my city everywhere and anytime I’d like public nudity to be legalize. And I don’t like the fact that many nudist areas turned into cruising areas. I don’t like nudism combined with sex.

Getting caught

Nudist Planet - Bare Voices Michalis Greece

The funniest story is the tolerance that the police of Berlin show whenever they meet me naked. They told me that they had to come, since someone had called them. And then they let me go.

Nudist Planet - Bare Voices Andy USA

Tell your story

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5 thoughts on “Bare Voices: Naturist Stories in First Person — Michalis from Greece”

    1. I am the sam way. Being raised nudist from the start walking around naked in public was special. I like to enjoy our city parks naked in remote areas where there might be a few other nudist, usually males, sometimes couples. At night especially late I will walk in public streets naked. Driving naked is my passion, I find it more exciting (real) taking no clothing with me to cover up. I guess it runs in our family. My nudist Dad has the same passions and we often drive naked to go camping, hiking, jogging, nudist beaches, visiting my nudist Uncles and all nudist friends. We are a 3rd generation nudist family. My parents were of the ‘counter culture’ era, but when they split up I lived proudly with my nudist Dad. We both live together (half the year) completely totally naked at all times. I have gone over 3 months without wearing a stitch of clothes. Awesome! Would enjoy contacts with nudists only – Thanks.

  1. Thank You Kenn & Michalis! Looks like i’ll have to move to Greece to be in public nude with Michalis! Just not possible in my area of the U.S…we are sooooo behind the times!!! Ugh!! Nude hugs to everyone! Cheers!!

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