Bare Voices: Naturist Stories in First Person — Joseph from Australia

Nudity quickly becomes unremarkable when generally practiced. — Martha Nussbaum

Naturists come in all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, ethnicities and languages — though for the time being we’ll stick to English here. The Bare Voices series honors this through first person stories of naturists from all over the world sharing their own stories. And we celebrate the unity which will take the cause of naturism to wider acceptance.

In this fifth installment of Nudist Planet’s Bare Voices Joseph from Australia tells his story.

Bare Voices Joseph Australia

I live on the central coast of New South Wales in Australia, one hour north of Sydney. I refer to myself as a nudist, because I love being free.

The attitude to public nudity is pretty much the same in both areas. Sydney and the central coast are very conservative, like in a lot of Australia. Most people frown upon nudity because of the values in which they were brought up, or their religious backgrounds. They were taught from an early age that nudity is only for sexual relations and washing, your body is private and cannot been seen.

When saying this, I know some people don’t mind social nudity, especially in liberal areas like northern New South Wales, and the city of Melbourne. Mind you there are nudists everywhere in the country. These attitudes affected me because, it’s a shame to see Australia like this. Nudity is not porn. It’s natural and it’s a part of life. I just think Australia needs to lighten up and be taught that the human body is beautiful and should not be covered. There are a few nude beaches around, and nude clubs in Sydney and the central coast, which have been around for a very long time. Saying this, it makes me happy to see Australia slowly accepting nudity, but there remains a long way to go. So the beach is my happy place.

I’m not part of any nudist clubs. I prefer to be nude at home, at the nude beach, and in bushland areas. I love nature, that’s why, and I try to be nude in these areas twice a week or once or twice a month for the bush area. In winter it happens less because of the weather.

Now every one of my friends knows I’m a nudist, but only some family members know. The family that don’t know wouldn’t approve of this lifestyle. One friend knows and disapproves of it but still loves and cares for me. I do feel it’s important to share this part of me with others, because it’s me and this is who I am. I did not grow up in a nudist household. But I would raise any children as nudists because it teaches them respect and body acceptance, that everyone is different and to never be ashamed of their bodies.

First nudist experience

When I was 15, I began to hang out naked with a mate from school. I felt happy and nervous. What prompted me to do it was that I always liked being naked and free. I just asked my mate and he agreed. It was a great experience, and I loved every moment being free with a mate. In fact, my mate was the first person to see me naked besides being born. It was after school and I felt good happy. There was nothing sexual; it was just happy excitement. I was able to be free with another human mate seeing each other.

Later, my ex was a non-nudist. He didn’t care about my nudism and supported me. He had no worries with me being naked all the time and never argued or said anything about it. Actually, he loved it.

We are friends now and I’m still naked in front of him. He still doesn’t care. He just prefers to wear clothes. It didn’t cause any problems. But, he just got naked when sexual relations were happening and at shower time. The minute sex was over, he went to shower then dressed again. I stayed naked.

Benefits of naturism

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Joseph Australia

For me, the benefits of being a nudist have been: 1) freedom, 2) easiness to relax, 3) my body can breath, 4) there’s less laundry washing and 5) I feel more refreshed. The only thing I would never consider doing nude is that I wouldn’t cook for a lot of people because of safety reasons.

Nudism has not affected me. The way I see myself with family and a friend that disapproves, that affects me. Because sometimes I think, “well they should accept everything about me”!, But I know they love me. They’re just scared and don’t understand.

I only cover up when strangers turn up, because you never know what their reaction will be. With friends that accept me, well obviously I answer the door naked. With family or the friend that doesn’t approve, well clothes are on. When it is cold, I turn up the heat because in my part of Australia it gets cold but never below 0C. It’s about 4C or 5C at night, so the heater is enough.

My hopes for naturism

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Joseph Australia

I want to travel to southern Europe, because these places are countries that accept nudity more: France, Spain, Greece, Germany. France has a naked city. Spain and Greece have lots of nude beaches. And Germany has nude parks and nude areas to be free. I would go to these places in the next couple of years.

The advice I would give a first timer is, firstly, never get pressured into anything you don’t want to do. Take your time then enjoy. I never had any advice I just loved it from my teen years.

I would like to see nudists given more nude spaces like parks and beaches. And more areas like rivers too. Also, it would be nice if someone designed and built more nude villages so people can live naked everywhere like the nude town in France. The changes I’d like to see in the nude world is to teach people the difference between sex and nudity.

If I could hang out nude with anyone, I would choose any gender to go to the beach, relax and enjoy the day having a picnic lunch swimming and sun bathing. That’s the perfect nude day.

Tell your story

Each of us has a story to tell. An outlook on the world and on naturism that can be beneficial to others. Share yours here by contacting me. I’ll send you a list of questions to get you started.Nudist Planet

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  1. Great interview, Kenn and Joseph! Thank you both for sharing your perspectives with us. Joseph discussed the prejudices against nudity in some parts of Australia. Unfortunately, that reaction exists all throughout the world. Naked hugs!

    1. It is definitely a bit complicated in the USA. But even in conservative South Carolina, where I’m originally from, there’s a naturist club. So it’s possible. For nearly two years now I’ve been in Southeast and South Asia. Here it’s hard to find places to be nude and to be out as a nudist. But I manage it

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