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My name is Jim, but I go by JamesBearVR on YouTube. On there, I coin myself as “Your Nudist Virtual Reality Enthusiast”. I use original music and songs I create to paint a picture of myself as a nudist and VR content creator.

I never coined myself as a nudist until I was 22 years old. So I came out slowly to my friends, family then co-workers. I am so glad to have co-workers that understood. And often I would be naked at my co-worker Greg’s house. He lives in Texas now, but I would call him a great friend that really understood me. He never got nude himself but I am so glad he respected and appreciated what I did. My family is the opposite. They don’t like me going around naked, but they are somehow OK with me labeling myself as a nudist.

I also had to come out recently again as a nudist to my friends in a social VR game called Rec Room. I am so glad to have friends in that game that truly also gave me thumbs up. It’s surprising how they support me and are OK with it. Now it’s a nice inside joke amongst my friends on the game.

Nudist Planet Bare Voices James USA

We often talk on Discord too and created an awesome online friendship. It’s strange today how I am creating friends through this new VR technology. We are all Far apart but with VR, I feel so close and its eons better than text and video chat. It feels personal and has presence. If you have ever tried VR you will know. If the technology gets better in the future then the ways that it can be used for social interaction will be awesome – specially for long distance friendships. However nothing beats seeing and interacting with flesh and blood right in front of you. So if I can meet any of my VR friends in real life, it would be an amazing treat. VR is only an addition to life, and one should never ever throw out the beauty of life and nature itself.

Nudist Planet Bare Voices James USA

In the near future, I will be making a VR180 series on my YouTube that goes further into my first exposure to nudity and other factors. This series will be called NakedVR180. And it will be stories about my nudist experiences, like my first nude social gathering. Dealing with erections, religion and spiritual aspects of nudism/nudity and so much more. I can’t wait to show this series off. In the meantime, please check out and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel because I will be making VR180 content and nudist stuff here and there as of now.

There is a thing, though, with Youtube and nudity, As long as my videos are educational, artistic and non-sexual – and well, isn’t nudism non-sexual anyhow? – I am able to post, albeit being restricted. It is too bad that nudity has to be restricted, especially simple non-sexual nudity. I know people’s minds are changing now when it comes to sex, sexuality and such, but why not non-sexualized nudity?

If you love my work on YouTube and if you also want to support my content, please head to

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Jim USA

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Each of us has a story to tell. An outlook on the world and on naturism that can be beneficial to others. Share yours here by contacting me. I’ll send you a list of questions to get you started. 

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  2. Hey this is JamesBearVR here with an update: I am busy with other content on my Youtube channel at the moment, but come this Fall I am going to produce that NudeVR180 series and put it up as a playlist for anyone who want to see and enjoy my storytimes about my nudist experiences.

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