Bare Voices – Errol from Trinidad

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

Helen Keller

Naturists come in all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, ethnicities and languages — though for the time being we’ll stick to English here.. The Bare Voices series honors this through first person stories of naturists from all over the world sharing their own stories. And we celebrate the unity which will take the cause of naturism to wider acceptance.

In this first installment of Nudist Planet’s Bare Voices Errol from Trinidad tells his story.

Bare Voices Errol

I refer to myself as a naturist rather than nudist, because I really enjoy being nude out in nature. I prefer being nude outside in warm climates as often as I can. On the island of Trinidad where I live and grew up, public nudity is prohibited by law. But because of the climate people wear almost nothing at home. Carnival time is also when you see masqueraders (mostly females) wearing almost nothing. I didn’t grow up in a nudist household. But my parents were the first ones to see me nude. It was the usual story of not locking the bathroom door and them coming in. I didn’t feel ashamed or anything.

The first time I practiced social nudity was with friends at a house gathering abroad when I was 25 years old. It felt great because I didn’t have any nudist friends where I live nor am I in any associations here. I used to be a member of Gay Naturist International (GNI) but no longer am. I joined to go to their gathering one year. My first and only GNI gathering was when they celebrated their 25 th anniversary. I choose the half-week option, attending as a recent nudist, and I enjoyed the experience. It was well-organized with lots of activities.

My naturist life

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Errol Trinidad

Now I have quite a few nudist friends and I actually just attended a nudist gathering for men of color in May. We even have our own face book page where members post quite regularly. I live at my family’s home so I really can only be nude in my room or when nobody is at home. However, I haven’t come out to my immediate family about being a nudist because I really don’t find the need for them knowing. I have to cover up to answer the door, for example, because neighbors and relatives don’t know.

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Errol TrinidadNaturism has taught me a lot about body acceptance. It has enhanced the way I see myself. I appreciate and know my body better. I definitely feel better in my own skin and love to be nude around people who do. I used to be ashamed of my body at first because I’m a thick guy. Now being a naturist for some years, I continue to love my body more and more each day.

Hanging out with my nudist buddies from our Facebook page is something I love. We love going to nudist resorts in Fort Lauderdale and heading to nude beaches. But, if you could be nude in any place anywhere in the world, I would love to be naked in the forest of Africa or the Amazon and just be one with nature. I hope it happens one good day! Honestly, I would pretty much try doing everything nude. I think for real nudists you should try doing everything nude at least once. In the meantime, I would like to see a greater acceptance of nudism in the Caribbean. We still have this very old idea that the only time you get naked is to have sex. We need more public spaces for nudity here because the weather for it is perfect.

Finally, I would advise someone who has never tried social nudity not to be nervous and take the plunge. There are more nudists out there than you know. There are many nudists associations catering to all your different needs and to just enjoy the nudist life!

Tell your story

Each of us has a story to tell. An outlook on the world and on naturism that can be beneficial to others. Share yours here by contacting me. I’ll send you a list of questions to get you started.

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Errol Trinidad

4 thoughts on “Bare Voices – Errol from Trinidad”

  1. Hi Errol! It was great reading your story. I didn’t know that you live with non-nudist family members. I’m in the same situation here in Michigan. I hope your dream of greater acceptance of nudism in the Caribbean comes true some day soon. In the meantime, you make a wonderful ambassador for naturists.
    Stay naked! -Paul

  2. Dear Kenn and Errol, Great job on the feature to the both of you! This is an excellent way to inaugurate the series here on Nudist Planet and I congratulate Errol on his courage in stepping forth and sharing his story. This concept is ideal for this naturist/nudist site! Much love and many naked hugs to you both!

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