Bare Voices: Naturist Stories in First Person — Dorsie from the USA

In this installment of Nudist Planet’s Bare Voices Dorsie from the USA tells his story.

Bare Voices Dorsie USA

Nudist Planet - Bare Voices Dorsie USAI feel like I’m both a nudist and a naturist so it’s hard to pinpoint one way or the other I love being nude! I live in California but I grew up in southern Ohio near Cincinnati where nudity is not spoken of at least in my world. But as an adult, having lived on both coast and in the middle, I’ve found my share of places to get nude. Growing up in Ohio I chose to be a nudist at an early age even if I couldn’t express it all the way. I would do so later as I grew and became more in tune with my desire to be nude.

I grew up in a religious family, so nudity wasn’t a subject to speak about at the dinner table. My father was a minister. If I had children, I’d let them make that decision not myself. But I wouldn’t run around nude with children as a nudist.

Not too many people in my life know of my nudity among other things. I just haven’t come out on a couple of issues: nudity and sexuality. Maybe now I have told everyone that I’m a bisexual nudist, ha ha!

Nudist experiences

The first time I saw someone nude was in 7th grade when my friend John and I would hangout at his house. After school in the nude, we watched TV and played board games. It made me feel great that there was someone like me that I could share it with. It took a lot of the pressure off early.

These days, I love to be nude at home. And I love to go to the beach near my house.  Although it’s not a nudist beach, I’ll take my chances. This is because I’m a nudist at heart and I just feel like being nude when I want where I want… If I can remain private when needed, that is.️ Though, I probably wouldn’t jog nude. It might hurt. I’ve lived with mostly non-nudist so there’s been lots of nude time outside wherever I could find a spot. Or in my room it all works out.

Once, I lost my car keys at the beach when I was nude. I was meeting another guy there to hangout nude. As I was waiting for him I stripped down and then all if a sudden my keys were missing. The good news is he helped me locate my keys. I was nude but he was not.

Social nudity

Nudist Planet - Bare Voices Dorsie USA

I also follow one or two nudist sites other than Nudist Planet, which is the best for sure. And meeting fellow nudists is always cool which is a wonderful benefit. Being a nudist has allowed to be myself and unashamed of my body. Sharing many great times with a couple nudist along the way is and has always been a thrill. Walking into a room full of nudist and seeing my family in nature and feeling free. I’d love to hangout nude with John Lennon. It seems like he and Yoko did a lot of that, sometimes in public. Maybe we’d write a song together. Also, I’d love to be able to visit a nudist club in San Francisco.

United in nudity

We need more awareness like maybe a network of clubs where we can link ourselves together, united in nudity. I’d advise people considering trying nudism to be yourself. I got little to no advice myself. Being a nudist with a religious family and a bisexual, nudism has been my way of coming out which is great! It has affected everyone I’ve told in a positive way. So far so good.

Nudist Planet Bare Voices Fabien Canada

Tell your story

Each of us has a story to tell. An outlook on the world and on naturism that can be beneficial to others. Share yours here by contacting me. I’ll send you a list of questions to get you started.

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