Bare in Indonesia: Finding spots to be nude in a land where it’s forbidden

Indonesia is an increasingly conservative Muslim country where public nudity is not only illegal but regarded as sinful, scandalous and shameful. But being bare in Indonesia is possible. The country comprises more than 15,000 islands . So although it is the fourth most populous country on the planet, there are many places in nature where you can find yourself alone.

Where to get bare in Indonesia

It’s not necessary to whisk yourself away to some remote uncharted island to find a spot for outdoor nudity in Indonesia. Of course that is an option too. During my 5 weeks in the country, I was naked in nature on several occasions. And these on the highly populated islands of Sulawesi and Lombok.


On Sulawesi, I visited various waterfalls/natural swimming pools with friends — both Indonesian and western. And on each visit I was able to be nude with the prior consent of my mates so as not to offend anyone. None of them opted to join me in going bare. But likewise, nobody seemed to mind much either. The sites include Sarambu Alla waterfall in the Thana Toraja region and Latuppa waterfall just outside the city of Palopo.


Lombok is considered to be the twin island to its neighbor, Bali. Indonesia’s two officially clothing-optional resorts are on Bali, one gay and one mixed. But I opted for the less touristy Lombok instead with the idea that I would be able to find some place to be bare. And I came across several. On my very first day on the island I visited Bumbang beach late in the afternoon. The beach was empty by that time, so I of course I stripped down and enjoyed relaxing in the buff while watching a stunning sunset over the bay.

The following day I crossed the island to the gorgeous long ribbon of sand known as Selong Belanak beach. While the heart of the beach was crowded with surf instructors and their students, the far end was practically deserted. A pleasant long walk along the surf brought me to a rocky outcrop and cliffs rubbing shoulders with clear turquoise water. I decided to drop my towel and my clothes. During the couple of hours I was there, a handful of tourist did venture to that end of the beach to climb on the rocks. But none of them seemed the least bit bother by my nudity. In fact, I think a couple of them didn’t even notice.

Likewise, I later in the trip had the chance to strip down at other beaches along the less traversed southern coast of Lombok. This mostly when no one was around. But sometimes when I was able to get far enough away from any curious eyes. The beaches in question include Tampah, Mawi and Mawun.

Risk v reward

Of course being bare in Indonesia as with any place where nudity is illegal brings risks. I don’t necessary recommend you try it with knowing what those risks are. But for me the reward of skinny dipping in some absolutely stunning natural scenery and feeling the sun on my unclothed ass was worth it. Maybe next time in Indonesia I’ll play it safe and visit the resorts of Bali. Or maybe I’m now on the country’s officials radars and should avoid visiting. But at any rate, Indonesia is an incredible country for many reasons and I already dream of going back. With or without the naturism.

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  1. Thanks for this informative article. In my own naturist blog, I have written about the nude resort in Bali called Bali au Naturel. The resort is perfectly safe to be naked in and I went there after reading that it’s listed by Travellers’ Digest as the world’s 8th best nudist resort. I’ve been there quite a few times and each time I went, I’d blog about it and post a lot of photos. We did go to a waterfall in Northern Bali totally naked and even though it’s strictly illegal, it seemed perfectly safe. Sometimes it just seems like the right thing to do.

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