Activities and Experiences to Do Naked in the World

Are you interested in pursuing a naturist lifestyle? Perhaps you’re already enjoying the perks of being in the buff regularly. Whatever your situation, there are tons of activities and experiences you can take part in while in your birthday suit that you may not be aware of. No longer are you limited to being entertained in just your home or on a designated beach.

If you’re not sure what activities are available — and of course, nudist-friendly, New York Travel company AllTheRooms is here to help.

Clothing-Optional festivals

Nudist Planet - Activities and Events festivals

Festivals are a great way to feel liberated, dance, and be happy! From music, poetry, food, and even beer festivals popping up all over the world, organizers have finally welcomed festival-goers in the nude. Plenty of nude festivals are now being hosted internationally — just remember to bring your cream to protect your skin and something to throw on when it gets chilly.

If you’re in the UK, you may wish to head to Nudefest. Taking place in the beautiful area of Somerset in July each year, the festival celebrates all things nude and is a wonderful community experience.

Nudestock is also worth a mention. The festival is full of bare music-lovers rocking out to blues and guitar music throughout the day. Guests can enjoy deck chairs, locally-brewed beers and tasty food stalls, all without clothes. Nudestock is held in Washington state every August, or for naturists across the pond, held annually in Yorkshire and the East Midlands in the UK.

Naked hiking

Nudist Planet - Activities and Events festivals

Photo Credit: Thomas Wong

Who says hiking is only for the clothed? Nude hiking is an excellent way to really connect with nature and feel the wind on your skin. The U.S is home to a whole host of nude-friendly routes, including The Pacific Crest Trail, walks around the Cascade Mountains, and over one million acres in Southern California.

If you decide to venture on a nude hike, be sure to take appropriate action during certain weathers. If it’s sunny, pack sunscreen and mosquito repellent. If the weather is cold or wet, seriously consider if it’s wise to hike. You want to have a great time exploring these beautiful locations and the last thing you need is to be sore in some of the sorest of places…

Clothing-Optional bike rides

Nudist Planet - Activities and Events festivals

Photo Credit: Melinda Nagy

If you enjoy exploring on two wheels without clothes slowing you down, luckily clothing-optional and naked bike rides are a thing. The World Naked Bike Ride is one of the biggest sports events in a naturist’s calendar. Every year, nudists from across the globe gather to participate in the ride. Over 70 cities participate in the journey, including London, Cardiff, Chicago, and São Paulo. All you need to do is ditch your clothes, grab a bike and get peddling!

Sage Fitzpatrick is a travel blogger currently living in London. She can be found drinking tea, reading and traveling the world. When she’s not traveling she spends her time blogging about her travels over at A Virtual Postcard. AllTheRooms, the world’s first vacation rental search engine.

1 thought on “Activities and Experiences to Do Naked in the World”

  1. These are all great suggestions for anyone wanting to expand there cloths free experiences.
    I regularly hike nude in the Angeles National Forest north of Los Angeles.
    I have also participated in every Los Angeles World Naked Bike Ride since 2010.
    That first ride we had about 100 riders. That first few minutes riding nude in public I was both very nervous and incredibly excited (no, not in a sexual way). But surprisingly after those first minutes it actually felt normal to ride nude and I did not feel in the least bit self conscious being nude in public.
    The point I am trying to make is do not hesitate to try something new while cloths free. You may feel uncomfortable at first but after a very short time it will feel like the most natural thing in the world to do (which it is!)

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