The mission of Nudist Planet

This website is dedicated to all things naturist. The aim or mission of Nudist Planet is just that: to create a world where naturism is not only accepted but celebrated. And the celebration passes through here with profiles of typical naturist, reviews of nudist/clothing-optional sites and other resources of interest to the nudist community. That word, community, is key to the concept of Naturist Planet. Although the site was started by one person, the goal is to build a family of naturist to advance the cause and spread the word of the joy of naturism. For a clothing-optional world!

How the website came to be

Nudist Planet came about after a year of maintaining a travel related blog and a few months writing another about my experience as a nudist. The overlap of the two areas of my life became clear very quickly and so I decided to merger the two entities into a blog promoting naturism. Whereas, my earlier efforts were all about me, the aim for Nudist Planet is that it provides a forum for the larger naturist community.

About me

Here are some of the many nouns that I identify with:

vegetarian naturist teacher agitator
foodie runner cyclist traveler
atheist sun lover adventurer feminist
optimist realist artist dreamer
doubter socialist hiker cook
learner libertine geek idealist
writer gardener father homosexual

I write about those times when I am the most exposed: physically and emotionally. Maybe some of the nouns above describe you as well. But if not, you are still welcome to be part of the community and hopefully find here something to encourage you in your pursuit of a naturist life.

I was born and raised in a small town in the southern USA but left to attend university in another state. After living in a handful of states in the USA, I found my way to Europe. Currently I am spending time exploring Southeast Asia. In the meantime, I have traveled extensively — but less than I would like — and seen a lot of the world.

Contact me

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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. From One Fellow Nudist to Another:
    Thank you Kenn for all you do for your fellow nudist. I, too, work to promote nudism as much as is possible, 24,7 by living a full life nudist – promoting my nudism with my nude body. Raised nudist, it is my ‘passion’.
    Keep up the good work.

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