Naturism’s Symbol: Suggestions & Ideas

Quite a few ideas and comments were generated by my recent article in which I talked about the need for a symbol to identify naturism. Many of the symbol suggestions were for things found in nature, especially the sun. This makes perfect sense for an emblem of naturism. I’ve posted some of the comment below to paint a picture of the general attitudes. (I’ve corrected capitalization only).


“The sun is what gives us our strength from vitamin D and that which we as nudist/naturists love to bask in all the time, but it also gives us the lush greenery of the trees and other such items of nature that we enjoy so much. Can’t you just see it if we ever get the chance to march in our own Body Freedom parades? People painted up to look like the Sun and trees, flowers, whatever, all marching along, nothing but body paint between them and onlookers. Still, it’s not up to me, and the sun is of course the best and most obvious option…”

“Since I am a gay male nudist who appreciates our symbol of the rainbow, was thinking about how we are able to have a rainbow in the first place. You need rain and sunlight or there will be no rainbow. So why not a Sun for a nudist/naturist symbol. I think that these go hand in hand for promoting nudism/naturism. As far as I know of no other association is currently using the Sun for a symbol or a flag.”

… and leaves, trees and butterflies

“We should have something that deals with nature ie leaves, trees, or something like that.”

“…we had an idea of a half sun half-moon. In the middle a picture of the earth that is cut out in the shape of a butterfly. The sun and moon represents that nudism it is not dependent on any time. The butterfly represents our love for nature and the beauty that surrounds us. The earth represents that this is a global all-encompassing ideal.”

“How about the sun with the leaf … That way it doesn’t get confused with Japan.”

“Well the best idea for a symbol that I can think of is this, the sun and a fig tree. That would be a good idea.”

“Interesting, but what about home nudist that just can’t step outside and enjoy the sun. So I step outside at night to enjoy the breeze. I enjoy feeling the wind between my legs and how it feels on my skin. Like soft whispers from mother nature. We need something diversified that makes a statement for everyone.”

The sun design in the header photo was created/offered by Mike Lynch. 

The beautiful human form

Nudist Planet Naturism Symbol suggestions“Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian man’.”

“How about Michelangelo’s David or some other classical piece.
1) It demonstrates that Nudism is natural.
2) Demonstrates that Nudism has been with us forever.
3) Shows Nudism is not crude, vulgar, about sex.
4) Shows Nudism is history. Many classical warriors fought in the nude.”

“Something with the natural curvature of the human body, please.”

“Barefeet in a Yin/Yang shape.”

Nudist Planet’s Butterfly

I am not sure if we’ll agree on the sun, the human form, something else or nothing. But I know clearly why the logo of Nudist Planet contains a butterfly. And the reasons are many but mirror my sentiments about naturism and nudists. I am not suggesting that this creature be our symbol — though I would certainly not object. But I think the ideas behind it should be included in any emblem we adopt. And so, I’ll explain.


The butterfly is almost universally held as a symbol of metamorphosis and change. For me this signifies my own personal journey to naturism and the changes being a nudist have made in my. In particular, practicing naturism has given my more self-confidence and fewer body image hang-ups. And it symbolizes the potential naturism has to alter the world. Strip away clothing and we get down to the essence of who we are, no pretense, no artificial status symbols, no hiding. If we can each approach others under these circumstances, it can only make our interactions better in general.
Natural beauty: Butterflies need no adornment. They are just naturally beautiful. So too is the human body. We need to stop trying to make ourselves look better by adding layers and things when by simply removing all artifice we revel our truest beauty. Like these insects, people are inherently graceful and elegant.


Butterflies are found in a dizzying spectrum of color, patterns, shapes and sizes. Like humans. And this diversity makes the whole species stronger and better. Naturists too come in every imaginable shape, size, color, nationality, etc. We are greater for it.


Like nudists, butterflies are found all over the world except for Antarctica. Understandably with that cold! Likewise the butterfly is recognized in all countries and cultures.


Not only are butterflies widely distributed, they are numerous yet often unnoticed. Notice any parallels with naturists? In her book, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, Pam Grout proposes an experiment in which the reader spends a 24-hour period making an effort to look for yellow butterflies. The idea being that they are much more plentiful than you think unless you set the intention to see them. Then you see them everywhere. Since reading this book a few years ago, I notice them everywhere. If you search, you find that there are far more nudists than you ever imagined too. It just takes a bit of looking. And openness.


As a naturist, I try to live as much in harmony with nature as I can. And butterflies contribute hugely to their ecosystems from pollinating to eating spoiled fruits enabling seeds to spread. I also wanted the logo to depict something from nature.

Moving forward

I stand firm in my conviction that we need a symbol. It is not me who will decide what that is, but I will commit to keeping the discussion going. We need to keep in mind that the symbol must be one that naturists from any part of the world can relate to an embrace. So I would avoid text or letters. Frankly, I’m convinced by the arguments for the sun to be a central figure in the design. Who can’t identify with that?

6 thoughts on “Naturism’s Symbol: Suggestions & Ideas”

  1. “As far as I know of no other association is currently using the Sun for a symbol or a flag.”

    Umm, the International Naturist Federation uses the sun as a symbol. See their website:

    That’s not to say that a stylistically different sun could be used. Plenty of precedence there. AANR used to be ASA, American Sunbathing Association.

  2. I just came around this post. I totally agree with your view and created a symbol which has already got a lot of consent on another naturist site. This is the one:

    1. I had a look at your symbol. However, I don’t think it is global enough. Having the letter “N” excludes countries that do not use the Latin alphabet or where the corresponding words do not begin with this letter.

      1. Thank you Kenn. You’re quite right about this. Perhaps I can think of something else. I’ll keep you informed if something else comes to mind.

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