Nudist Beach – Playa del Maro, Malaga, Spain

Playa de Maro

Playa de Maro is only one of many nudist or clothing-optional beaches along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, but it is one of the most beautiful. Generally uncrowded and relaxed, it rests in the shadow of cliffs east of the city of Malaga. As most tourist to the Costa del Sol tend to go to the western end of the coast, Playa de Maro is more popular with locals and resident expats.

Nudist Planet Playa de Maro


There is a nice lounge/restaurant at the head of the beach beside the parking area. There are also a couple small snack and drink stands in the same area. Other than that, Playa de Maro is pretty natural and unspoilt.

Getting there

Unfortunately there is no public transportation to get you to this area, so having your own vehicle is mandatory. It lies along the coastal highway just east of the town of Nerja. Look for a small sign that says Playa Nudista. From there you’ll follow a winding dirt road down to a parking area with a couple of cafes.

Nudist Planet Playa de Maro

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