Why Naturists Need a Symbol to Identify Us

Feminists have a female symbol with a clenched fist in the center of the circle. The LGBT+ community has a plethora of rainbow inspired flags. Hindus have the om. Hell poisons even have the skull and crossbones. But what is the internationally recognized naturism symbol? Sure there are signs for nudist beaches including the bikini with a crossed-circle of prohibition. Yet we do not have a symbol or flag to identify ourselves to one another or to the greater public. I would argue that this needs to change.

A Movement without an image

Nudist Planet Naturism symbolIn a recent articles, I talked about the lesson nudists can learn from the Gay Rights Movement. We can start with having a flag or symbol. The rainbow flag serves valuable functions One is to have a way to spot others and to proclaim membership in the group. See one anywhere and you know a gay person is not far away. And someone who is proud to be identified as LGBT+. Flags give those who hold to what they represent something around which to rally. Whether that be for good or not. It’s why each nation, province, town, etc. creates one among the first acts they undertake when given liberty to do so.

Is it possible to create a movement without a simple emblem of unity and visibility? Probably. But it would have to be much harder to do so that way. Sure we have our naked skin to represent us. Yet, we can’t always display this legally. Wouldn’t it be delightful to walk down the street and pass someone displaying a logo of naturism and be able to immediately recognize a kindred soul? Or to easily be able to let the textiled masses know that we exists. How can we ever expect to gain universal acceptance otherwise?

Brand awareness matters

Marketers — and political spin masters — will tell you that branding is everything. Fellow nudists, we lack a brand. Hell, we can’t even agree on a term to call ourselves. — Notice how I’ve vacillated between nudist and naturist. — How do we advance the cause of naturism and “sell” its benefits to others in a world where branding, name recognition and image matter? I have no idea what naturism symbol could unite all of us. But I think we desperately need one. Think about where Disney would be without Mickey, Twitter without that damn little bird or even hippies without the peace sign.

Any ideas for a naturism symbol?

If you have an idea for a symbol, flag, etc. that could represent naturism, leave it in the comments below. Let see if we can make it happen.

43 thoughts on “Why Naturists Need a Symbol to Identify Us”

  1. I can’t think of a better symbol than our own Sun. All of us nudists/naturists congregate at the beach when the Sun is out because we love the warmth from the rays all over ourselves. We are hard to see at night unless there is a full moon. Most of our activities we attend are during the day time. And when we are at home in our back yards its usually when the Sun is shining that way we can mow the grass, planting in our gardens, or just swimming. Plus we need the Sun for light in our naked pictures of us promoting nudism/naturism. When I am out in the open and going for a naked stroll in nature I always do it during the daytime. Its kind of hard to do at night without stumbling or tripping because you can’t see where you are going. I would like to nominate the Sun as our symbol for nudists/naturists world wide. And it will also look great on a flag if you want one.

    1. If we gays can have a rainbow, why can’t naturists claim the sun? I like that. And it’s such a positive symbol.

      1. I am in total agreement with you Kenn. There is nothing more relevant about a positive symbol. Since I am a gay male nudist who appreciates our symbol of the rainbow, was thinking about how we are able to have a rainbow in the first place. You need rain and sunlight or there will be no rainbow. So why not a Sun for a nudist/naturist symbol. I think that these go hand in hand for promoting nudism/naturism. As far as I know of no other association is currently using the Sun for a symbol or a flag. Who do we need to talk to in the nudist community to make this happen?

    2. I agree. The sun is a great symbol. We have a sun symbol on our home as others in our neighborhood who are nudists. I think a lot of nudists have already adapted it as being the nudist symbol

    3. I agree with the sun as a symbol for us. How about adding a green leaf in the center of it to symbolize the natrual in it all?

  2. Not quite relevant to the current discussion but I thought you needed to know and fellow British members. Recently I purchased your “I look better naked” hoody (which I love and has caused many smiles). However when it arrived there was a £12 surcharge. Knowing I’d paid upfront for delivery, I asked why. “There is a £4 custom charge” ok I can cope with that but what about the other £8? “Oh that’s a post office charge for collecting the customs charge”. You can imagine my response, to be told be the postal officer, “well you shouldn’t buy things from abroad”. At that point I blew it. “If they were sold in the U.K., I’d fuckin’ buy one you twat”.

    1. Bob, first off, thanks for your patronage. I’m very sorry to hear about this charge and the complication. I appreciate the heads up on this. I’ll check with the supplier to see if it is possible to either void this type of charge in future or at least notify buyers beforehand.
      Yet, I’m thrilled to hear that you’rere enjoying the hoodie and the reactions it’s getting.

  3. Good article. It inspired me to start working on a logo before reading the comments from everyone else. Of course what I began working off of was your comments about moving back and forth between “nudist” and “naturist,” and so I thought, “Why not use the “N”? Of course using the N made me think of incorporating it into the shape of a tree, a perfectly natural object that could be used quite nicely in many ways along with the N logo. But then I began reading the comments about the sun and “Of course!” Why didn’t I think of that? So I thought, why can’t we use both? The sun is what gives us our strength from vitamin D and that which we as nudist/naturists love to bask in all the time, but it also gives us the lush greenery of the trees and other such items of nature that we enjoy so much. Can’t you just see it if we ever get thee chance to march in our own Body Freedom parades? People painted up to look like the Sun and trees, flowers, whatever, all marching along, nothing but body paint between them and onlookers. Still, it’s not up to me, and the sun is of course the best and most obvious option, I agree.

    1. I do like the idea of the sun. But I would avoid using any alphabet such as an N because in a lot of the world, that means nothing. Because naturism is universal, the symbol needs to reflect that.

      1. I believe that a butterfly (representing freedom) superimposed over sun might do it. I’m not a graphic artist. but my granddaughter in PA and my nephew in FL are. I also believe Martha in the publishing department at AANR has some skills…maybe our members can come up with a better one. The butterfly over the sun would not be just AANR members; it should be available to any nudist. I for one would add it to my AANR, TNS, Clemson , and Travelites decals/bumperstickers.

  4. Great article, Kenn. It makes so much sense to have one unifying symbol for us to rally around. As you pointed out, many other organization come up with a logo as their first task.
    We need more professional designers, such as Jacob (thank you, Jacob) to offer some concrete designs and then maybe some kind of campaign to create a consensus around one symbol, and another campaign to promote the one chosen. Let’s all work to make this happen.

    1. Paul, I did not know of this symbol. Perhaps, one of the reasons why it’s not used is that it has a copyright held by a private entity and is used for profit. We need a symbol that is free for common usage. Also, I know we will never all agree on any one sign, but if I had seen this symbol out of context, I would have thought it was for badminton.

  5. Interesting, but what about home nudist that just can’t step outside and enjoy the sun. So I step outside at night to enjoy the breeze. I enjoy feeling the wind between my legs and how it feels on my skin. Like soft whispers from mother nature. We need something diversified that makes a statement for everyone.

  6. Great article, and opened a discussion topic with my wife. While talking we had an idea of a half sun half moon. In the middle a picture of the earth that is cut out in the shape of a butterfly. The sun and moon represents that nudism it is not dependant on any time. The butterfly represents our love for nature and the beauty that surrounds us. The earth represents that this is a global all encompassing ideal.

    1. This is my favorite idea so far. Of course the butterfly part speaks to me. After all, Nudist Planet’s logo includes one.

  7. @Kenn CH Badminton, hahaha 🙂 Good one. Indeed looks like that. The jumping person is I think related to 1st half 20th century FKK movement in Germany. They used lots of these happy jumping people. A good site is the FKK Museum kept by a German guy: http://www.michis-seiten.de Amazing site with everything about history of naturism FKK. It’s in German though.Some is translated in English. But can be a good source for inspiration for the logo. Indeed an international known logo is missing. But must keep simple otherwise I can never have it tattooed on my body 🙂

    1. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/dd/83/2b/dd832bac865d3ac4c330d2464d2b5fc9–david-florence-florence-italy.jpg

      How about Michaelangelo’s David or some other Classical Piece.
      1) It demonstrates that Nudism is natural.
      2) Demonstrates that Nudism has been with us forever.
      3) Shows Nudism is not crude, vulgar, about sex.
      4) Shows Nudism is history. Many classical warriors fought in the nude.
      Many other positive benefits. David can be turned into a graphic. the likeness should be public domain.

    1. Sorry for the delay Cheri. I was off hiking without internet for a couple of days. Enjoying some nature. And I saw many butterflies while in the mountains.

  8. What sort of symbol would encompass both male and female nudity? A naked man would not necessarily be representative of women and vice versa. I agree with you wholeheartedly that one is needed but I’m trying to think of something that suggests both genders. Naked hugs!

    1. I like the idea many have had about using the sun or an image from nature. I’m no graphic designer but I’ve been playing around with a sun-based symbol

  9. I was thinking about this for a long time as I wanted a tattoo to reflect my naturist views. I came up with a “naked in the sun” tattoo using a tribal sun encircling the letters “nu”, which stands for naked in French. I got the tattoo two weeks ago and love it.

  10. Someone on another site said that sun rays with a dancing nude silhouette was the international symbol which got me to look into it.

  11. What if our symbol is a small design of a half naked person and the other half of them is a tree that is rooted into the ground.

    Or maybe a hand coming up from the dirt giving the peace sign.

  12. The Sun(bright yellow) with a Green Butterfly in the centre would be about right. Nothing to fancy or abstract.

  13. I think that something like a HEART•SHAPED “Peace•Symbol” inside of a “SUNN•BURST” design would be very kool

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