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As the saying at Nudist Planet goes, naturism is better with company. With that in mind, on this page you’ll find information and links about some naturist or nudist clubs associations and resources that you should check out.

If you know of a reputable organization that you would like to see listed here, please send that information using the contact page.

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Gay Naturist International (GNI)

from its website: Gay Naturists International began in 1981 as part of The Naturist Society. In 1993, we became an independent organization. Through our affiliated clubs, we lend a bare hand to any fellow who’s comfortable being gay and naked. GNI is open to all gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men who are at least 21 years old.

The Naturist Society

from its website: Our thousands of members from across the U.S., Canada and beyond come from all walks of life. Single people, families, and retirees; teachers, construction workers, clerks and computer programmers; globe-trotters and homebodies… it doesn’t matter. If you share our underlying principle—body acceptance through nude recreation — you’re already a naturist at heart.

International Naturist Federation

International Men Enjoying Naturism (IMEN)

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American Association for Nude Recreation

from its website: Simply put, we exist “To advocate nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings while educating and informing society of their value and enjoyment.”

Chicago Area Naturists Sons

CANS is an organization of male nudists and naturists dedicated to accepting and appreciating the human body in its naturally beautiful state. CANS provides opportunities for gay, bi, questioning and affirming men to gather for social, non-sexual enjoyment and camaraderie.

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Naturist Association of Thailand

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Federación Española de Naturismo

The Scottish Outdoor Club

Skinny Dipper Recreation

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If you know of a club or association that you would like to see included here, please send a link to it using the form below. If the site you have in mind is not a club or association, check for it on the Websites page. Thanks.

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